Banking applications and/or e-commerce payment processing sites usually have a really user friendly feature that helps boosting customers' confidence
when sending funds to a specific bank account or card.
Typically, the numbers of a bank account or a credit card, come in a standardized format that allows you to identify both the brand owner of the card (i.e. MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, etc), and either the issuing or the acquiring bank.
The above allows many banking apps to pre-fill the name of the bank when typing the account number of a recipient (Alice). That way, the sender (Bob) can have a higher degree of certainty that he entered Alice's account number correctly, since Alice told him that she has a bank account with Bank (X).
In believed a similar experience could be easily delivered through XUMM, by quering, for instance, XRPSCAN API. XRPSCAN has dedicated a tremendous amount of time to tag the exchanges, wallets and/or payment providers to which known XRPL address belong.
By doing this, XUMM would have the possibility to return and "pre-fill" the name of the destination wallet/exchange, whenever a tagged address is typed as a destination address by someone who wants to send funds. That way, the sender of funds would know that he's sending funds to the Bitstamp XRPL account or the Binance XRPL account, for instance.
In that sense, if Bob knows a priori that Alice has an account at Bitstamp, he would be confident that he's sending XRP to a correct address.