Modify existing Payment request.
  • Include Memo Field so sender can include additional data
Change QR Code Generated to include:
  • "Request with amount data" to be included (1) fiat amount and (2) fiat type .
  • Include memo field data in QR Code.
Payer response
  • Scans senders Xumm QR Code with Xumm and QR Code populates:
  • Payers 'send payment' data (1) Fiat amount (2) fiat type
  • Sender’s memo field data
  • Xumm automatically populates with the equivalent XRP.
  • Payer sends payment in XRP.
The above process sends fixed fiat value (equivalent in XRP - variable) regardless of when the QR Code is scanned, and payment sent.
I appreciate there is some currency risk following payment however this risk is manageable by the sender, if desired.
I suggest this is a viable interim measure of fixed fiat payments until more formalized currencies (e.g. CBDC) exist on the XRPL.