The ability to export a wallet’s transaction history in a format that is easy to read by accountants or non-technical users, or for input into crypto tax software. Reports might contain the following at a minimum:
1) Trades/Exchanges. Simplify DEX trades or path finder exchanges (1 incoming payment + 1 matching outgoing payment) into single line items showing both pairs next to each other. List by date. Include fees if applicable.
2) Deposits. List payments received that are not attached to trades.
3) Withdrawals. Same as above but with payments sent.
4) Airdrops. Not sure if deposits are possible to discern as airdrops per se, but listing airdropped assets by date would be helpful.
5) Fees. List and categorize fees assessed. An XRPL favorite.
Reports could be more advanced in the future but a simple report like this would be enough to get started. If you have hundreds of payments or trades throughout the year, wallet transaction history is dense. People need a clearly understandable way to review history and also compile for tax prep, accounting, etc.